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You have to know the air heater energy saving measures



  The power consumption of air heaters is still huge. In order to reduce the huge expenditure in this area, how to save energy is the most important issue at present. Shanghai Ziyu Electronics shares several small methods with everyone.

  1. Reasonable design of air volume and temperature rise. The power of the air electric heater is determined according to the air volume and temperature rise calculation. Under the premise that the air volume and temperature rise have met the requirements, it is not suitable to use excessive air volume and excessive temperature rise due to excessive air volume and temperature rise. Will directly lead to excessive power of the heater and increase energy consumption. Excessive air volume and temperature rise are not necessary. To comprehensive consideration, rational design, determine the appropriate parameters.

  2. On the surface of the air heater, an insulation layer should be added. When most electric power plants (owners) use air-electric heaters, only the pipes of the electric heater outlets are insulated first, and the surface of the electric heater itself is not insulated. The comparison data shows that adding a layer of insulation on the surface of the electric heater can reduce the energy consumption by 5%~10%. The long-term operation will save a lot of energy. The power plant (owner) should install the insulation on the pipeline. At the same time as the layer, an electric insulation layer is applied to the electric heater of the air.

  3. Reduce the pressure loss of the electric heater itself. When the air that needs to be heated flows through the interior of the air heater, pressure loss is generated. The greater the pressure loss, the greater the energy consumption of the fan. The structure of the air heater itself should be improved and innovated to minimize the pressure loss.

  In summary, the air heater energy saving measures, have you learned?

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