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Constant temperature heating PTC heater working principle



  PTC heater---Constant temperature heating PTC thermistor has constant temperature heating characteristics. The principle is that the PTC thermistor is heated by self-heating to make the resistance value enter the transition zone. The surface temperature of the constant temperature heating PTC thermistor will remain constant. This temperature is only related to the Curie temperature and the applied voltage of the PTC thermistor, and is basically independent of the ambient temperature.

  The PTC heater is a heating device designed by using a constant temperature heating PTC thermistor with constant temperature heating characteristics. In the case of medium and small power heating, PTC heater has the advantages of constant temperature heating, no open flame, high heat conversion rate, minimal influence of power supply voltage, long natural life and other traditional heating elements, which is more and more used in PTC heating appliances. It is favored by R&D engineers.

  The constant temperature heating PTC thermistor can be made into a variety of shape structures and different specifications, and the common ones are a circular shape, a rectangular shape, a long strip shape, a ring shape, and a honeycomb porous shape. The combination of the above PTC heating element and the metal member can form various forms of high power PTC heaters.

  PTC heater is divided by conduction

  (1) PTC heaters based on heat conduction. It is characterized by a multi-layer heat transfer structure such as an electrode plate (conductive and heat transfer) insulating layer (electrical and heat transfer) on the surface of the PTC heating element, and a heat transfer heat storage plate (some of which is also provided with a thermal conductive adhesive). The emitted heat is transferred to the heated object.

  (2) Various PTC heaters that perform convective heat transfer with the formed hot air. Its PTC heater features high output power and automatic adjustment of the blown air temperature and output heat.

  (3) Infrared radiant heater. Its characteristics actually use the rapid heat generated by the surface of the PTC element or the heat conducting plate to directly or indirectly excite the far-infrared coating or far-infrared material contacting the surface to radiate infrared rays, thus forming the PTC ceramic infrared Radiant heater.

  PTC heater according to structural characteristics

  (1) Common practical PTC heater. Such appliances mainly include: electric mosquito repellents, hand warmers, dryers, electric heating plates, electric irons, electric soldering irons, electric thermal bonding devices, hair curling irons, and the like. Its PTC heater features low power, but high thermal efficiency is practical.

  (2) Automatic constant temperature type PTC heater. Such appliances mainly include: small crystal device thermostat, constant temperature incubator, electronic thermos, incubator, thermos cup, insulation plate, holding cabinet, heat preservation table, and the like. Its PTC heater features automatic insulation, simple structure, good constant temperature characteristics, high thermal efficiency, and wide operating temperature range.

  (3) Hot air PTC heater. Such hot air PTC heaters mainly include: small warm air heaters, hair dryers, greenhouse machines, dryers, dry closets, clothes dryers, industrial drying equipment, and the like. Its PTC heater features high output hot air power, fast heat, safety, and automatic adjustment of air temperature and power consumption.

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