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Causes and treatment methods of electric heating tube leakage



  In disposing of this question, we should first consider whether the electric heating tube is a problem of flange welding. The second question is whether the electric heating tube is a quality question, because the magnesium oxide powder inside the electric heating tube also affects the leakage of the electric heating tube. Next, our company will specify the leakage appearance of the electric heating tube for us: The reason for the electric heating tube leakage:

  Disposal methods for electric heating tube leakage:

  1. The ground wire is not connected; connect the ground wire as required and check if it is correct;

  2. The insulation of the heating pipe is damaged (this can be the question of the insulating magnesium oxide powder, or the insulation of the joint). If the repair is still present, it is recommended to replace it;

  3. The heating tube is burned out and the cup body is short-circuited; the heating tube is damaged and replaced with the same standard heating tube;

  4. If the cleaning is not proper, the water will touch the terminal of the stainless steel heating pipe; properly clean and dry the stainless steel heating pipe;

  5. The circuit wire falls and collides with the cup; check the dropped wire and weld it from the head;

  6. Electric outlet or power plug. Wash it properly and dry it.

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