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The difference between electric heating constant temperature blast drying oven and high temperature



  The difference between electric heating constant temperature blast drying oven and high temperature test chamber:

  1, the use is different: electric heating constant temperature blast drying box is mainly used for drying and baking of articles. In addition to the function of the drying oven, the high temperature test chamber is mainly used for high temperature performance tests of electricians, electronics and other non-inflammable and explosive materials.

  2. The control system is different:

  The electric thermostat blast drying oven can use ordinary instruments because of the low index. The high temperature test chamber must use a meter with high-precision PID calculation function, and sometimes it is necessary to specify the instrument to run the program for the purpose of testing. In use, the PID value of the high temperature section can be obtained by self-tuning, and sometimes the value obtained by the self-tuning needs to be modified by the operator.

  3. The main technical indicators are different:

  The temperature uniformity of the electrothermal constant temperature blast drying oven is not more than ±2.5% of the maximum use temperature, and the temperature uniformity of the high temperature test chamber is not more than 2 °C (the test temperature is 200 °C). Although it is only a sign of difference, the value is doubled. For 450 ° C, the temperature of any two points in the drying oven can differ by 22.5 ° C, and the test chamber can not exceed 9 ° C. See the technical indicator comparison table for details:

  Electric heating constant temperature blast drying oven temperature fluctuation: ± 1 ° C temperature 200 ° C uniformity: ± 5 ° C; temperature 300 ° C uniformity: ± 7.5 ° C; temperature 450 ° C uniformity: ± 11.25 ° C; temperature deviation: no surface temperature is required °C: room temperature +35 ° C + (Tmax-200)/10

  High temperature test chamber temperature fluctuation: ±0.5°C Temperature 200°C Uniformity: ±2°C; Temperature 300°C Uniformity: ±5°C; Temperature 450°C Uniformity: ±9°C; Temperature deviation: ±2°C (200°C) Surface temperature °C: 50 ° C (300 ° C).

  4. The difficulty of manufacturing is different:

  On the surface, there is not much difference between the two. The practical difficulty is that when the air is heated to a temperature higher than 350 ° C, the movement of the gas becomes very difficult to control, even under the condition of forced blast, the flow of the gas is still disordered, so the design requirements for the air passage very high. The ducts should vary for different studio sizes. In order to obtain reasonable data, it is often necessary to go through repeated experiments. In order to obtain a higher uniformity index, the cost of manufacturing a high temperature test chamber is much greater than that of an electrically heated constant temperature blast drying oven.

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